Former Jesuit novitiate in Avignon (XVII century), the “Domaine de la Chapelle” takes its name from the chapel which was built by the monks in 1724 on the plateau of Chateauneuf-de-Gadagne. They built a winery next to the chapel to cultivate the vine and “boil” the wine in the vats, producing red and white wine.

During the suppression of the Jesuits in 1762, the entire domaine was sequestrated in 1780 and then purchased by Mr. JD Millaudon de Coudurier, former treasurer of the Pope in Avignon legation.

A long line of winemakers was then followed until 1954. That year the family Boussier bought the domaine and decided to continue this tradition. A great passion and a strong will were needed to continue this story and restore this place to continue its wine business.

Today winemaker on the domain, I try in my turn to offer wines of character that most closely reflect the richness of this exceptional terroir.



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